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ZIGZAG MITTENS are worked in the round on circular needles, and have a simple and classic 2, 2 rib. The hand is worked in stockinette stitch in a two-coloured pattern. When you work with two colours, the two strands are placed over the left hands index finger. The strand closest to your work, is the dominating colour. To achieve a uniform expression, it is important to hold the strands with the same tension throughout the work! The two-coloured pattern is worked according to a chart.

To give the mitten a good fit, increases for a thumb gusset is made. To avoid the strands becomming too tight on the WS, it is recommended to turn the work inside out, but still work from the RS! In the pattern you can choose between two women’s sizes, a narrow and a wide women’s mitten.

The mittens are worked in LAMAULD, but can also be worked in LAMATWEED.

Size: Women (narrow hand) (Women (wide hand)) Men.

Length of the hand: Approx. 18 (18) 19.5 cm.

Full length of the mitten: Approx. 23 (23) 25.5 cm.

The measurements are for guidance only. It is always recommended to try on the model along the way, to check if the length of the mittens fit!

Yarn: LAMAULD (50% llama and 50% wool) from

Yarn alternative: LAMATWEED (40% llama, 40% wool and 20% viscose) from

Yarn requirement: 2 (2) 2 skeins in total (1 skein in each colour). For this model is used 1 skein of 6974 Antracit blå and 1 skein of 6930 Perlemor.

Recommended needles: 5 mm circular needle (80 cm) and an extra 5 mm needle for the knitting together.

You will also need: 1 wool needle, 2 markers (can be a scrap of yarn), a stitch wire and maybe a row counter to keep track of the rounds.

Gauge: Approx. 19-20 sts x 24 rnds = 10 x 10 cm in stockinette stitch on a 5 mm needle.
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